Team History & Accomplishments

Team Brute Force Through the Years

Yr. 1 of FLL (2017-2018)

The birth of Brute Force began in 2017, with 5 members part of our FLL team. Although our team was lacking experience, our team made up for that in skill and creativity, and managed to pull through and even win an award for our robot!  We learned a lot of important lessons that we would carry through the rest of our journey in first.

Yr. 2 of FLL (2018-2019)

Our second year was the first year that we added two new members to our already exciting team. One being Krish who is still part of our team and one being Luke, who unfortunately left the team. This season we did work hard and, our team realized that the robot was not the only thing that mattered, but project and research were also key aspects of being a well-rounded team. As we went into the competition with high aspirations we achieved the project reward but were just off qualifying for the next round.

Yr. 3 of FLL  (2019-2020)

We came into the season inspired and determined to make it to the next round. We added a new member, Shreyas, who made an amazing addition to our team. We went to the next round, where we saw many teams like ours who made great efforts, and we did well. 

Yr. 1 of FTC (2021-2022)

We came into FTC without experience with actual robots, and there was a new team member, Avyukth who was also a great addition to our team. We put in our hard work to get to the next round and gave our best effort. 

Yr. 2 of FTC (2022-2023)

We started this year with a little bit of experience with actual robots, and there were many new members who joined our team, Jia, Brinda, Tvisha, Arhum, Abhi, and Vivek. They made a great addition to our team. We visited SLU (Saint Louis University) to mentor and participate in scoutbotics, an event organized by the BoyScoutsOfAmerica and SLSRA! We had our first meet at Franklin Baptist Association , we had our second meet at MICDS,  and our third at.